Tuesday, 16 July 2013

love tantrums

She’s beauty sprinkled with mystery of the ocean, an object of attention, I care not for her, but leaving is depression. She’s love, she’s hate, darkness and light – she creates divided opinions.
The friction between us gains as the calendar crawls, my perceived progress all but stalls, ‘she’s not my type.’—as I run through her flaws. But I remain resilient – motivated - attacking with a flurry of calls. My flirtatious gestures  effortlessly transformed to gas - an envy to a chemist of my class.
Maybe I’m seen as a  digital being - trapped in her phone, but I stay optimistic, that I’d be seen as human rather than a drone. My heart ices up cause she’s cold, frozen like sundae on a cone.

This is not a love-gone-bad letter but rather a note to relieve my scorn so it don’t fester . I don’t hate her  but I've made a move to be less a dreamer.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Thwarted Heart

 I take a dive into the ocean of hope - plunging deep into it’s unknown, seeking.
My strength can’t hold up as it used to, I surface weakened.
I vent my disappointment  at the sky , shouting, till my throat runs dry
As the sunsets on the island , I strive to find sustenance for my soul and shelter for my despairing heart.
I lay back by the crackling fire - comfortable for the time being, working my mind on an escape – I’m tired of being a slave